Eye of the game

Eye of the Game : We read it for you


…From hobby to sport

Everything started with a dribble, and a kick and rush. The main target was to rush the ball forward as quick as possible. All players were forwards. They played with instinct and they hit the back of the net on the spur of the moment.

…From sport to show

Fans started to cram into the stadiums. Supporters and media became demanding, asking for more than the game. The show was born – hence the need for more in-depth analysis, paving the way to all kinds of statistics. Today, nothing escapes the camera. It’s all about live and scrutinised football. Analysing a match is turning into a scientific issue. Players are far better trained and prepared, so is the football match. It’s not about running anymore, it’s about strategic moves…

…From glimmering show to acute analysis

To love it, you need to understand it! Between the coach’s chalkboard and the players’ pitch, there is pattern deciphering. It does not boil down to the number of miles run during the game, shots on or off target, marking/unmarking… Each match has its own vibration, it’s like a DNA print. Eye of the Game explores the game for you with an eagle eye.



Eye of the Game offers you pertinent data to help you best analyse the game pattern of each football club, identify the strengths and weaknesses of each player, for the highest benefit of all actors and observers of the football world. Unlike providers of heavy and uneasy statistics, Eye of the Game gives you direct access to key information through image and constant support of our experts’ team.



  • In-depth analysis of the different football clubs: playing style, strengths and weaknesses. Either in the long run or in a particular situation
  • Fixture analysis: plus and minus of each team can be checked at a glance to help you find the key aspects of the venue you will broadcast
  • Prediction models: we give you access to the most relevant information you need to anticipate the game scenario and thus give the clearest picture to your audience when you cover the match
  • Content adapted to all situations to either support journalists while they are reporting live from a match or to feed social networks between the matches
  • State-of-the art analysis to help you understand how the game scenario, the characteristics of the players, the clubs or the competition apply to the reality of the playground

Football Clubs

  • Constant and global vision of the playing style, strengths and weaknesses of your club and opponents
  • Detailed analyses aimed at supporting you in the preparation of the next match
  • Global vision of your opponents’ key-features on short and long-term periods, making scouting easier
  • Several individual and collective comparison analyses: the doorway to victory for your club
  • Match breakdown reports to get a clear picture of the results
  • A collective and individual scrutiny of your team to help you identify which type of player you need to recruit to make your team even stronger
  • Deep knowledge of what high level football means today to help you best adapt the training and preparation of your junior teams


  • Playing style, strengths and weaknesses of a vast number of teams and players (be they under contract with you or not)
  • Data provided to help you determine whether a player’s profile can match the needs of a team
  • Access to information that will help you spot immediately the player fitting the needs of a specific club
  • • Facts and figures for sledgehammer arguments during your discussions with club managers